Kilmarnock Photographic Club have 6 internal competitions that all members are more than welcome to participate in.

Summer Quaich – 7 subjects are picked by members at the previous seasons AGM. Members then pick 3 of these subjects and can enter 2 photographs for each for a total of 6 images. Photographs must be taken between the end of the previous season and the start of the new. This competition is digital only.

First, Second and Third Open – We have 3 competitions through the season with no set topic where members can enter 7 images of there choice. Images can only appear in the open competitions once. This competition is for 2 colour prints, 2 mono prints and 3 digital images.

Ian McDonald Nature Competition – This competition is a set topic competition with all photographs needing to be nature related and members can enter 4 prints and 5 digital images (Colour and monochromic are optional).

Annual Competition – Our annual competition is our final of the year and can consist of a members best photographs from throughout the year or anything new they wish to enter. This competition is for 3 colour prints, 3 mono prints and 3 digital images.

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